Roof Repairs

Fix Storm Damage ASAP

Fix Storm Damage ASAP

Offering roof shingle repairs in Brandon, MS

With the right maintenance and prompt repairs, your roof can last for decades. Turn to RCC Roofing & Construction for corrugated metal, EPDM rubber, wood shake, slate tile and roof shingle repairs in Brandon, MS.

Did the latest storm leave bare spots on your roof? Shingle repairs are just a phone call away. If your shingles are intact, you might need roof flashing repairs. Call 601-540-7754 to uncover the source of your roofing issues today.

Taking good care of your entire roof

Looking for a company that will do more than staple a few new shingles to your damaged roof? You can rely on our crew to…

  • Restore missing shingles
  • Replace vent pipes
  • Repair damaged flashing

You can even count on us to fix dry rot in your roof decking. Reach out to RCC Roofing & Construction now to set up your free evaluation. We’ll let you know whether you need quick roof flashing repairs or a more extensive fix.