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Before You Contact Your Insurer, Reach Out to Us First

Before You Contact Your Insurer, Reach Out to Us First

We handle roofing insurance claims in Brandon, MS

We're no strangers to damaging storms in Mississippi. Strong winds, flying debris and hail can leave your shingles in tatters. If you're already stressed by roof damage, an insurance claim is probably the last thing you want to deal with. Fortunately, RCC Roofing & Construction can help with roofing insurance claims in the Brandon, MS area.

There's no need to argue with an insurance adjuster. Leave everything to our experienced, professional team.

Why call us before your insurance provider?

There are a few very good reasons to contact a roofing company before you file a storm damage insurance claim. A professional roofer…

  • Knows what to look for — we can often spot more extensive damage that adjusters miss.
  • Will negotiate on your behalf — years of experience have given us the skill to get you the payout you need.
  • Can handle the paperwork for you — you have enough to deal with, so we’ll make the entire process a breeze.

Call 601-540-7754 now to let our team handle your roofing insurance claim.

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